17 January 2023


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Pitch2Peer is an online environment where students can post pitches and other (writing) assignments. For example, a video recording of a presentation, a blog, a knowledge clip, or slideshow. By using Pitch2Peer, students actively engage with the material and learn to give and receive constructive feedback. In addition to engaging with learning content, they also learn to present learning content in an engaging way. Pitch2Peer ensures effective use of contact hours because presentations can take place online rather than in class, making it suitable for larger groups as well.  

Pitch2Peer has a direct link to Blackboard. As an instructor, you create the assignment in Pitch2Peer and describe what you expect from the students. With the assignment, you formulate a set of criteria that students use to provide each other with feedback. Furthermore, there are many ways to set up, for example by creating several categories of assignments, working with group assignments, or adding a gamification element in the form of medals and likes.  

Want more theoretical background on working with online (peer) feedback? Check out the online module (Peer) feedback, you can login to this module with Solis-id. 

Want to know more about this tool? Then use the Request tool button. Through this button you can request the tool and make an appointment for didactic or technical advice. 

Pitch2Peer Handleiding NL

Pitch2Peer Handleiding Student NL

Pitch2Peer Manual ENG

Pitch2Peer Manual Student ENG

How does Pitch2Peer work?
Pitch2Peer is a web-based tool. From Blackboard, Pitch2Peer is directly accessible to students.  

Can I link grades to pitches of students in Pitch2Peer and as a teacher can I also give personal feedback on the pitches?
As an instructor it is also possible to provide feedback on students’ pitches. In addition, it is an option to assign a grade. The grade and personal feedback are only visible to the authors of the pitches.  

Are pitches, feedback, and ratings exportable from Pitch2Peer?
Yes, pitches are exportable, as are feedback and assessments. 

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