07 February 2023


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Konjoin is a platform where research or education projects can be shared. You can use the platform to reach potential contributors for your project and you can follow the progress of others’ projects. In this way it is possible to make projects visible, contact fellow researchers from different fields, but also with students who would like to contribute to your project. 

In addition, Konjoin offers the possibility to automatically match large groups of students with projects or supervisors. This can be done in a separate matching environment that you can request. The coordinator can enter the offer and the students indicate their preferences. Konjoin then automatically matches each student to the best possible project or supervisor. This tool can save the coordinator a lot of time, and it ensures that students are matched based on interests. 

If you want to use Konjoin for sharing projects/research, you can log-in on this page using your Solis-ID.

Furthermore, you can request the matchings functionality by using the Request Tool button.  Through this button you can also make an appointment for didactic or technical advice. 

You are free to share and adapt, if you give appropriate credit and use it non-commercially. More on Creative Commons


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