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Hybrid education

Hybrid learning (sometimes called multi-location learning): Within the University of Utrecht, hybrid education is defined as education which consists of both students being present in class, and remote students that are present via internet connection. This means the education consists of a mixed group of students in class and remote students, who receive education simultaneously, or synchronous (Butz et al. 2016; Raes et al. 2020; Hastie et al. 2010). This is often the case for courses where exchange students attend classes from their own home countries, or when students with disabilities are unable to come to the campus in person (Butz et al. 2016; Raes et al. 2020; Hastie et al. 2010).

The principles of hybrid education at Utrecht University are:

  • Strive to offer qualitatively equivalent education for both student groups​
  • All students and the teacher should be able to interact with each other​ by seeing and hearing each other. This stimulates a feeling of community. ​

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